A New Group for Fans of John Relyea

My friend Gabriela and I have long thought that he deserved one, so why not create it ourselves? The incomparable Canadian bass-baritone John Relyea has been a favorite of ours for years. I recall first hearing his voice on the radio, and wondering: “Who is that?” Along with our dear friend and group admin extraordinaire S. Blake Duncan, we now have the beginnings of a fan group, which I will link to here.

John Relyea will also be featured in two of the Met Opera’s free nightly streams this week (a week of bel canto!), in La Cenerentola and I Puritani. I will certainly be there to rewatch the latter, and I’ve created a virtual event for those interested in watching it and commenting online, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it for the entirety of La Cenerentola.

I will write an entire separate post (well, probably several, eventually!) about the work of Mr. Relyea, but for now…please feel free to come check out the group, and share or learn about this extraordinary bass-baritone.

2 thoughts on “A New Group for Fans of John Relyea

  1. I just discovered your new wonderful post about the new group for John Relyea dearest mio fratello!!!!! I am so happy that you are sharing the wonderful news about the new group dedicated to John Relyea! He deserves it so much and I am having wonderful memories when we listened to his unforgettable Gessler in “Guillaume Tell” in 2016!!! I loved his performance as Alidoro in “La Cenerentola” and more specially as Giorgio in “I Puritani”. John is also one of the best Mephistopheles ever! I hope that they stream again the first Macbeth HD in which John performed Banco! And… he is also the most handsome (and one of the best! ) Don Basilio ever! (love his “La Calunnia” so much! Let’s cross our fingers that John Relyea gets to perform Il Grand Inquisitor in Don Carlos at the Met in 2022! I would prefer him as King Philippe but he will be also a magnificent Grand Inquisitor! Thank you, thank you so much mio fratello for sharing the link for the group dedicated to John Relyea!!! And… I absolutely love the beautiful black and white photo of John Relyea with the link for the group! Here’s for many, many years of the group! Viva John Relyea!!!

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