From the Golden West to New York City

I know it has been a long time since I have posted. The sadness after Dima’s death nearly a year ago, followed by a nearly relentlessly unpredictable and busy schedule at work, has made it difficult to finally piece together many different ideas and experiences I’ve been wanting to write about. Notes are scattered in many places, waiting to be utilized!

So this is, essentially, only a brief note about a wonderful four days in New York City ~ my first time ever ~ with, I hope, more details to follow. Merely dipping the toe back in the opera posting…and if you are facebook friends with me, this brief summary will be a repeat.

My mom Debra and I made our first ever pilgrimage to the Metropolitan Opera on the trip, starting out with Tosca with the stunning Sondra Radvanovsky, Željko Lučić, Patrick J. Carfizzi, and Joseph Calleja, and we were so delighted to be able to meet some of them after, with the aid of the indefatigable opera friend, Sophia Cerovsek. Tosca was a gorgeous production all around.

And of course the beautiful Fanciulla production which was captured and streamed live in HD yesterday…what can I say? Jonas, you broke my heart yet again…a perfect performance that I can’t wait to see again ~ with close-ups! ~ at the cinema encore this Wednesday night as I dash off from work. I was a wreck again in Acts I and III, moved mostly by the heartbreaking richness of his dark voice. Željko Lučić was a gorgeous Rance…so beautifully done. (I also can’t wait to see his close-ups because I adore watching his face.) Eva-Maria was absolutely fantastic, and the whole cast and production was strong all around…it was an unforgettable day.

But one of the most unforgettable things about this trip has been the opportunity to finally meet some of my dear, long-distance opera friends in person: Laura, Blake, Dash, Sophia, Peter, Joanna, and other friends from the lively Met Live In HD Fans group. It has been a true blessing, and is a large part of the huge joy that is opera obsession.

As I write on this final day in NYC, sleepy but happy, I am thinking with gratitude about all the wonderful friends near and far who share their joy of opera, and with huge gratitude to the artists who remind us why we work and live, and who bring such beauty into our lives.

It will be back to the usual work grind for me personally on Tuesday, but I have more determination than ever not to let work take over my life. Starting with Wednesday evening: nothing will induce me to stay late at work and miss the Fanciulla encore! 😁 Viva Puccini!! 🎶🎵👏👏💛💙💜💚💛 Bravi tutti!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “From the Golden West to New York City

  1. Thanks Rachel. Love your blogs and missed them. So happy you were able to get to the Met. I thought of you all while watching in the UK. Lots of love 💖 💕💖💕👏🏻

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  2. I absolutely loved your new wonderful post mio fratello!!!!!! I am so happy that you wrote again because I love your blog so much!!!! I love to learn many new things with your wonderful knowledge and your new post of your extraordinary visit to New York City and your first visit to the Met with your mom Debra made me so happy!!!!!!! I am so happy from my heart that you met Laura, Blake, Sophia, Peter, Dash and Joanna! I thought of you and your mom when I saw the live in HD of La Fanciulla del West! I said hi to the screen when they showed the audience at the Met! La Fanciulla del West is definitely the greatest HD ever in years and it was a magical experience!!! I completely agree mio fratello, Željko Lučić was a wonderful Jack Rance and his face expressions and singing were priceless! He had a naughty devilish smile in the poker scene! Jonas and Eva Maria were magnificent and this performance made my family and I so happy!!!!! And I agree completely mio fratello, the greatest magic of Opera is meeting our Opera friends live!!! That is the greatest gift and blessing ever!!! Opera friends are the best!!!!!! You wrote it and expressed it so beautifully mio fratello and you are completely right, our opera artists give us many joys to our lives and also our opera friends! Huge Congratulations from my heart mio fratello and please, when you can, keep writing in your wonderful blog!!!!!! Viva the Opera friendship!!! Viva l’Opera!!!!

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